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Purchase a Nina Manzi 15 minute Shower Voucher

It might seem like ‘just a shower’ but it’s the empathy shown that let’s someone living on the street know they aren’t invisible or forgotten. We don’t create dependency; each client is empowered to work in a meaningful way for the service. These vouchers will be given to those who have an impaired capacity to work. Helping to ensure that nobody gets turned away.
What makes Nina Manzi different to other wash facilities? We create a positive and hospitable experience for each person who walks through her doors.
  • We offer fresh towels, a wash towel. shower gel, lotion and a container to secure clothes from getting wet.
  • Each client (yes we consider people living on the street our clients) has a 15-minute hot shower. Most places only offer cold water.
  • We deep clean after each client and make it presentable for the next visitor.
  • We offer haircuts on some Tuesdays and nail trimming services too.
*This voucher covers the following items: meal, safe space, clothing, and shower.