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Volunteer at Viva con Agua

If you are looking for an opportunity to share your skill, talent, and expertise,  our volunteer program may be just the thing for you! 

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We are a dynamic team that is always looking for other brilliant minds around the world who share our two-fold vision for Water for All and All for Water.

Our volunteer program is an opportunity for anyone to add to our vibrant projects and support the change we are making in diverse communities. Our volunteer program is aimed at those who share our dedication to social development and access to sanitation, water and hygiene.

Please note that while any costs incurred in the course of your volunteering activities will be covered by us, you will be responsible for your own living expenses (including accommodation and food) during your term as a volunteer.

We welcome you to join our mission virtually by donating, or in person by volunteering. We accept volunteers on a rolling basis throughout the year so please join us in making a change.


Team planning and interns at Viva con Agua SA

Our internships provide you with great work experience that looks great on your CV and helps you to get a permanent job. 

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Before you apply for these internships you should review the details and requirements of each of them. Internships are variable and there are many different options. Some of our internship options are for matriculants, some are graduate internships for those who have completed studying. In relation to our work, we offer internships in the water, sanitation, and hygiene sector.

Contact us to register and we will inform you whenever a new internship becomes available.

Design an action or event

Design and action event with Viva con Agua South Africa

Awareness campaigns are one of the most popular, effective, and flexible ways to raise public interest and educate the community about our mission for “Water for All” and “All for Water”

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Because awareness campaigns can attract such wide audiences during existing awareness months (‘Water Awareness Month’ in May), we plan around these timeframes to capitalize on the exposure and increase involvement in our cause.

However, standalone awareness campaigns can be just as effective for raising visibility for our great cause. If there’s not a national or global awareness month or week for our cause, we invite you to make your own to raise awareness for our cause!

The main goal of this awareness campaign would be to raise visibility for our mission. By spreading awareness of our cause, we will be able to grow our audience and create a stronger base of support to drive forward our mission for Water for All and All for Water.

Submit your idea for an event or campaign to raise awareness about water, sanitation, and hygiene here. If we love your idea, we will support you in making it a reality!


Water is life - ladies filling bckers of water outdoors - Viva con Agua SA

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Stay at the Villa Viva

Villa Viva Cape Town - Viva con Agua SA

Villa Viva is a guest house, a fresh, innovative social business, meeting and networking platform to share and express, creative work, social projects, and celebrate life.

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Villa Viva is the new home and creative hub of the Viva con Agua (VcA) Family in South Africa. The majority of Villa Viva’s profits therefore go straight into the W.A.S.H projects of Viva con Agua in the Eastern Cape, Cape Town and various other locations.

VcA is a community committed to establishing access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene (W.A.S.H.). Music, Sport and Art are our languages because this is how we connect!

Villa Viva offers beautiful spaces to stay and connect. We are in the heart and hustle of The Mother City, located just below colourful BoKaap. The perfect spot to start your experience in Cape Town and South Africa.

‍Come by and get inspired by our space, its lovely people, art exhibitions or live performances.

Make your experience memorable while sitting round a warm cozy fireplace, enjoying the beautiful view of Table Mountain on the terrace, or having a dip in our gorgeous blue pool.