Run 4 WASH

Maxx and Fritz: Running for change; world record attempt to spread awareness about everybody’s right to water access. 

Photography by @lars_fl

Brothers Maxx and Fritz are preparing for an extraordinary 200-day run from Cape Town to Cairo, covering an impressive 11,000 kilometers. More than a physical challenge, this 6-month long run starting early-March 2024 is their way to show that everybody is great, no matter their nationality. Their route will weave through South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya, Sudan, and Egypt, bringing attention to the water-related challenges faced by communities along the way. 

Collaborating with Viva con Agua and Active Giving, the brothers will shine a spotlight on the global water crisis, advocating for improved water access and hygiene worldwide. Their journey will be supported globally by various running activation under the campaign Run for WASH (water, sanitation, and hygiene). 100% of proceeds raised during their run will go to Viva con Agua South Africa’s Wash in Schools programme. 

In January, VcA SA invited the brothers to share a bit more about their preparation at our inaugural Emanzini event – a talk series featuring changemakers. During this session they expanded on their first attempt which had to end in Namibia due to an injury.  

Interested to listen to their Emanzini talk? Click HERE

Communities along the route and around the world are encouraged to actively participate. Follow along on Maxx and Fritz’s journey on social media at #peoplearegreat, join the #Run4WASH challenges, and contribute to the cause. 


Lars Flauaus

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