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Stride for Change: Mava Mqondeni’s Journey to Clean Water and Sanitation Victory

  • Mava Mqondeni, participant of #Run4WASH takes on Bulungula ahead of his provincial athletic schools meeting in Paarl, representing the Eastern Cape from the 4th to 8th of April.

As dawn breaks over the rolling hills of Bulungula, anticipation fills the coastal winds of Xhara Mouth. Among the eager competitors stands Mava Mqondeni, affectionately known as NkebeNkebe runner no. 086. A formidable force from the Elliotdale Athletics club situated in the rural areas of Bafazi, Eastern Cape – a return candidate, once claiming Bronze in last year’s #Run4WASH. Here lies the story of a seasoned athlete, a symbol of resilience, determination, and community spirit.

As an aspiring athlete, you are as fast as your last race – a thought known to Mav as he holds a deeper purpose. This year’s inaugural 10K #Run4WASH in Bulungula was not just for glory but for a cause close to Mava’s heart – ensuring clean water and sanitation for all.

As the facilitators echoed the phrase “on your marks, get set, ready W.A.SH,” Mava surged forward, through focused determination. Each stride carried the hopes and dreams of his school Mkatazo JSS, a testament to their unwavering support. The rugged terrain posed challenges, but Mava’s resolve remained unshaken.

With every step, he pushed himself ahead of the trail, fueled by the spirit of local camaraderie and the knowledge that his efforts would make a difference. It was a race to the finish. The intentions of victory propelled him closer to the finish line. Mindset on the prize. “The Gold Medal,” but more importantly, the opportunity to be the first record holder of this year’s trail. As he drew closer to the finish line, he championed away triumphantly for a glorious finish with an incredible time of 44m23s.

Excitement emanated from peers and community attendees. A well-deserved achievement followed by praise and admiration, but for Mava, the true victory lay not in claiming first place but in knowing that his journey had helped raise awareness for the vital cause of clean water and sanitation. As he stood amidst cheering spectators and fellow runners, Mava knew that together, they had taken a significant step towards a healthier, brighter future for Bulungula.

With his head held high and a heart full of gratitude, Mava embraced his fellow competitors, knowing that their collective efforts had made a meaningful impact. With added relief and contentment, he partook in the festivity of #Football4WASH & #Netball4WASH, admiring his fellow patrons pursue their dreams as the sun dipped below the horizon, closing in on a memorable day, casting a warm glow over the jubilant crowd.

Looking forward to a future where every step brings them closer to achieving their shared goal – a world where clean water flows freely for all.

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